Thank you to the following community leaders and organizations for their support of our campaign:


Federal Officials:

Senator Roy Blunt

Congressman Sam Graves

State Officials:

Governor Mike Parson

Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe

State Treasurer Eric Schmitt

Sen. Ron Richard, President Pro Tem

Sen. Dan Hegeman, Senate District 12

Rep. Delus Johnson, House District 9

Rep. Kevin Corlew, House District 14

Rep. Ken Wilson, House District 12

Vic Allred, House District 13 nominee                                                                   

County Officials:                                  

Harry Roberts, Buchanan Co. Presiding Commissioner

Ron Schieber, Platte Co. Presiding Commissioner

Dagmar Wood, Platte Co. 1st Dist. Commissioner

John Elliott, Platte Co. 2nd Dist. Commissioner

Mark Owen, Platte County Sheriff  

Eric Zahnd, Platte County Prosecutor  

Nancy Armstrong, Platte County Clerk

Sheila Palmer, Platte County Collector

Gloria Boyer, Platte County Recorder    

Rob Willard, Platte Co. Treasurer                       

Dan Hausman, Former Buchanan County Commissioner

City Officials:

Kathy Rose, Mayor Riverside                      

Cliff Harvey, Mayor Weston

Pam Freese, Mayor Houston Lake

John Smedley, Mayor Platte Woods                     

Lynda Wilson, Mayor Northmoor                          

School Board Members: 

Bart Klein, Park Hill School Brd. President

Seth Wright, St. Joseph School Brd. President

Todd Fane, Park Hill School Brd. Member                                             

Scott Monsees, Park Hill School Board Member

Lute Atieh, St. Joseph School Brd. Member

Shane Bartee, West Platte Co. School Brd. Member

Buffy Smith, Platte Co. School Board Member

Republican Committee Members

Jim Rooney, Chairman, Platte Co. Republican Central Committee

Aaron Green, Chairman, Buchanan Co. Republican Central Committee

Linda Yeager, Vice Chair, Platte Co. Republican Central Committee

Judy Hausman, Treasurer, Buchanan Co. Republican Central Committee

Fred Pouche, Treasurer, Platte Co. Republican Central Committee

Rebecca Rooney, Platte Co. Republican Central Committee

Chris Seufert, Platte Co. Republican Central Committee

Stacy Davis, Platte Co. Republican Central Committee

Megan Benton, Platte Co. Republican Central Committee

John O. Brady, Platte Co. Republican Central Committee 


Missouri Right to Life

National Rifle Association

Missouri State Council of Firefighters

Missouri Chamber of Commerce

Greater KC Chamber of Commerce

Missouri Farm Bureau

Missouri Club for Growth

National Federation of Independent Businesses

Missouri Corn Growers Association

Missouri Soybean Association

Missouri Cattlemens Association

Missouri Pork Association

Missouri Medical Association

Missouri Dental Association

Missouri Bankers Association

Missouri Realtors Association

Realtors Association of Kansas City

Builders Association of Kansas City

Homebuilders Assoc. of Greater Kansas City